Sprint’s desperate search for a merger reduces its negotiation power.

Sprint has been in talks with T-Mobile for a possible merger, but the latest news about Sprint looking to partner up with Cable companies like Comcast or Charter communication signals its desperation.

According to recent news Sprint’s Japanese owner, Masayoshi Son is looking for an out and a quick one.

Sprint being in fourth place after T-Mobile has been losing money and has been trying different promotions to stay afloat.

Wall Street noted that Sprints need for the next-generation network can be satisfied through its merger with any of the giant cable companies. Sprint has been running aggressive promotions to acquire new clients. It’s also trying different strategies throughout its retail stores to boost profits however Sprint’s parent company Softbank is still not satisfied and is in no mood to wait for T-Mobile partnership.

Comcast has also started its aggressive marketing effort to promote its wireless service (Xfinity) to increase its market share. Comcast is trying to package its cable service and wireless services to acquire a bigger share of client’s pocket. Sprint’s acquisition can certainly help achieve this goal at a more cost effective price. It is almost certain that Sprint will either merge or get acquired and with whom is the answer that we hope will find out soon.