Sprint sues 20 employees for unlocking cellphones

Sprint Corp. is suing 20 unnamed employees as a result of a sting operation, The Kansas City Star reports.

The Overland Park-based wireless carrier filed a 14-page lawsuit against Uzbekistan resident Adik Kummetov and a group of employees, who are referred to as “John Does 1 through 20.” The suit charges that the defendants conspired to unlock Sprint phones so that they could be used on other networks.

The lawsuit claims that Kummetov offered customer care employees $10 per device. The Star reports that the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Kansas, said Sprint recently discovered that “unknown customer care support employees or employees of vendor call centers have been unlocking phones for Kummetov (as well as others) and receive payment for doing so.”

The lawsuit charges the employees with “breach of the duty of loyalty” and three other counts.

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