AT&T Quietly Announced Mobile Share Flex Plans a Couple of Weeks Ago

AT&T is proud to introduce the Mobile Share Flex plan! With this plan, you don’t have to worry about paying when you go over your data limit, and your unused data rolls over.* All Mobile Share Flex plans come with unlimited talk, text and more! It is a flexible, cost-effective data plan for you and your family!

On January 12, AT&T quietly introduced a new set of mobile plans called Mobile Share Flex as a replacement for the previously available Mobile Share Advantage plans. Who knows why AT&T changed these so quietly, but possibly because not much changes and they would rather you look over there at those shiny unlimited plans they have. Either way, here are the details of Mobile Share Flex, for those who might be interested. AT&T Mobile Share Flex The big change is the set of data tiers you have to choose from. In Mobile Share Advantage, you had at least seven different data buckets to choose from, but now you’ve got just 4: 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB. After that change, a lot of the rest of this situation stays the same. You’ll pay $20 per smartphone as a sort of line access fee, followed by your data bucket cost.

Additionally, AT&T is offering a $10 discount if you sign-up for autopay and paperless billing. With that $10 discount, you have the $20 smartphone charge next to the following data prices: 1GB – $25 5GB – $50 10GB – $75 20GB – $100 Mobile Share Flex plans also include Rollover Data, 2G data access after you use up your data bucket, unlimited texting from the US to over 120 countries, hotspot tethering with your data plan, and Mexico and Canada usage (on plans 10GB and over).