Sprint to refocus its efforts in federal and public markets

Sprint is to reinvest its market efforts with a portfolio of solutions for the federal and public market.
The new solution will include wireless, wireline, security and IoT offerings over Sprint’s secure network, leveraging Sprint’s 30 years of experience in the sector.

Commenting on the announcement, Michael Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a Sprint board member, said: “It’s exciting to see Sprint be more aggressive in this space. The company is a great American brand with decades of experience serving the government and will bring added value and innovation to many government organizations and agencies. I’m proud to support efforts that bring a diversified portfolio back to Sprint Business.”
Leading the new initiative is Chris Felix who has recently been named as Sprint vice president of Government Solutions.

Chris assumes the role with over 27 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, including serving the federal government and leading federal government sales and operations for a competitor.

Included in the wireless, wireline and IoT solutions hat Sprint will offer to the federal and public sector are:
Mobility, by bringing increased flexibility and agility to federal employees through their smartphones and other devices.

Smart buildings, through the use of Sprint IoT solutions, including current sensor technology, users will be able to not only reduce heating and air conditioning costs in federal buildings, but they help reap significant environmental benefits because of reduced power consumption. These sensors can measure electricity, motion, pressure, and temperature; plus users can apply artificial intelligence to adapt to the data.

Next, there’s Fleet and asset tracking, using it Sprint can help the federal government fleets of non-military vehicles using sensor technology. Sensors in vehicles can detect the vehicle’s location, speed, the direction of travel, fuel usage, idling times, and how the vehicle is being driven.

Mobile forms, helping the federal government migrate to electronic forms completed via mobile devices.
And lastly, through the Cloud, the Sprint network will enhance the security of cloud-based computing and communications.


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