Cricket Wireless Offers Unlimited Data To Switchers For $40

Starting February 16, Cricket Wireless will offer a year of unlimited data to customers who will switch carriers for just $40 a month. In addition to unlimited data, the network operator stated that the customers who will avail of the promotion would also receive unlimited calls when calling to and from Canada, the United States, and Mexico, as well as unlimited text messages from the United States to 38 countries, including France, Germany, and Singapore. To avail of the reduced monthly charges, the customers should sign up for the network operator’s Unlimited 2 Plan and enroll in the company’s Auto Bill Pay service. Subscribers will receive a monthly credit of $10 for one year by choosing the Unlimited two plan, while the tech company will offer an additional $5 monthly bill credit to people who will take advantage of its Auto Bill Pay service.

Cricket Wireless also highlighted other promotions that it is currently offering to people who are planning to switch carriers. For example, the network operator is currently offering up to four Android smartphones for free to its customers. Users may receive a unit of the Alcatel Verso or the LG Fortune for free for every line. This promotion was first announced last month, and interested consumers may still take advantage of the promotion until April 12th or until smartphone supplies last. Also, the carrier is also offering four unlimited data plans to customers for just $100 a month or two unlimited data lines for a monthly fee of $80.


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