Boost Mobile Offering $60 Monthly Unlimited Plus Plan

Boost Mobile has just added another phone plan to its lineup. The new plan is called Unlimited Plus, and it is priced at $60/month for a single line with discounts available for multi-line customers.

The Unlimited Plus plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data with 20GB of mobile hotspot. It also includes video streaming at a resolution of up to 1080p and 50 minutes of domestic voice roaming. Boost Mobile says that this is a limited time promotional plan that will only be available until 4/5/18.

In addition to the Unlimited Plus Plan, Boost Mobile is still offering the Unlimited Gigs Plan for $50 per month. This plan also comes with unlimited calls, text messages, and data, although it only includes a monthly hotspot data allocation of 8GB, which is less than half the data allocation included with the more expensive Unlimited Plus Plan. Furthermore, the plan limits the resolution of the video streams to 480p. It also limits the quality of the subscriber’s music streams to 500kbps, and it caps the bandwidth allocated for cloud game streaming to 2Mbps. Subscribers may also enroll additional lines of Unlimited Gigs Plan for $30 per month. For people who do not need unlimited data, a cheaper plan that includes unlimited calls and texts, and a monthly data allocation of 3GB for $35 a month is on offer, which might be more suitable if you use web-connected services more rarely.