Sprint is giving away a month of unlimited prepaid service – so now T-Mobile is giving away two months

Sprint just can’t seem to catch a break these days. The company recently came up with a nifty idea to try to bring in new prepaid business: offer a month of free unlimited Boost Mobile service when new customers switch over. The promotion might have indeed helped to bring in new business, but now we may never know because T-Mobile has decided to one-up the struggling carrier once again.

In an announcement this week, T-Mobile revealed a new promotion being offered by its prepaid brand, MetroPCS. Since Sprint’s Boost Mobile is offering one month of free unlimited service to new customers, T-Mobile has obviously decided that MetroPCS will give away two months of free unlimited service along with a new MetroPCS phone for free.

“T-Mobile’s flagship prepaid brand, MetroPCS, is so confident that you’ll love their network that starting today, new customers who bring their number to MetroPCS can get two months of unlimited service for FREE just to check it out!” T-Mobile said in a press release. “AND for a limited time, new customers can also get a new phone on us from great brands like Samsung, LG, and Motorola.”
As is the case with all promotions of this nature from wireless carriers, new MetroPCS customers will have to pay for their two “free” months of unlimited service. Once a customer who takes advantage of this promotion pays his or her first two monthly bills on time, a $100 prepaid Mastercard will be issued to reimburse the payments.

The deal applies to both of the prepaid carrier’s unlimited service plans, but MetroPCS’s $50 Unlimited LTE plan is the only plan truly being offered for free in this promotion. Since the company’s Unlimited LTE + 10GB of hotspot data costs $60 per month, the $100 Mastercard will only cover $100 of the $120 spent over the first two months.


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