One of the biggest mistakes any organizations make is thinking of the customer experience and the process as two separate entities. The customer experience and the processes are the same – so when we analyze and improve the process we should always stand in the customer’s shoes. One of the keys to retaining customers is to ensure that every effort is made to stay connected with our client base and appreciate them for their business and loyalty.

Wireless Manager’s POS software provides all the necessary tools to increase your satisfied client base. Full customer history will allow you to see all the details of a client profile

Notes & Communication

You are also able to add customer notes for clients based on their specific need or criteria for future reference. It is a powerful tool that makes the customer feels that you care for their needs.

In today’s competitive world it’s even more important to stay connected with the customer on occasional bases for repeat business. Well Wireless Manager’s POS software allows you to contact the customer by SMS/ Email. Our software also allows you to add customer privacy on the setting tab should the customer does not wish to be contacted.


You can also create reminders for your employees to contact the customer for any reason by utilizing the appointment reminder feature.

Ultimately the goal in every business is to increase your satisfied client base and reward your clients for their continued business and thank them for any referrals. Wireless Manager’s POS software just does that for you. Rewards points allow the customer to accumulate points based on their spending that can be used as credit towards next purchase through your facility. You can also combine that with loyalty credits as a gesture to thank your customers for their loyalty and referrals they have sent your way.


Our customer analytics feature allows you to monitor the channels used for customer acquisition hence allowing you to divert your marketing funds and resources towards channels that help increase your client base

Our software’s service request feature allows you to keep track of any specific request the client might have which is a powerful client satisfactory tool.

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