Point of Sales

We understand how important it is for your business to have a sophisticated feature driven POS system while maintaining the simplicity of use for daily bases. We at Wireless Manager are proud to provide POS software system with a wide array of solutions, an enhanced security system for better control of process yet easy to use that can adapt to your needs.


Our invoicing feature allows you the ability to customize your invoice with logo, address, contact information and additional categories you wish to include. It gives you the ability to change the terms and disclosures at the bottom based on your company policies or requirements. If the client wishes to trade in, you can process that through our POS for credit.

To be the Eco-friendly organization you also have the ability to either SMS or Email their sales invoice copy at the point of sale.

Discounts & Promos

You are the captain of your ship, and we know that you want to have the control over its operation so Wireless Manager’s POS software provides you the tools that can help maximize your profits. You can generate coupons for distribution through POS, and if you wish to give a discount to a client without the use of any coupon, you can seamlessly do that directly through our POS. Processing return gives you the option to either add the item to current inventory for sale or return it back to the vendor for credit. The system will automatically adjust the inventory or credit based on the option you choose. If the client wants to exchange the item, you can follow a similar process, and the system will adjust the inventory.

Activation can be done through the POS system with just a click of a button, and you can create promo’s that are carrier specific with the ability to set an expiration date so that it expires automatically.

Bill Payments

Our software allows you to process bill payments for clients using WebPOS, ePay, Vidapay, Qpay, and Incomm. This integration will certainly simplify the process and save you time and energy. You are also able to process Credit Cards directly through POS by utilizing our Integration partners (see integration) for convenience. We provide you the ability to accept partial payments or split payments allowing you to process multiple types of tenders on invoice payment. You have the ability to put on hold a bill payment invoices if bill payment processor is off line by collecting their payment and processing the transaction at a later stage. We never want to turn down any payment and it will help us with customer satisfaction.

Wireless Manager’s POS software allows you to collect the e911 fee and provides the option to either collect that as flat fee or percentage of the bill. To make matters simple we accommodate 3 state taxes feature enabling you to collect up to 3 different state taxes.

Cash Management

Our software’s cash management feature allows you to keep track of cash activities like petty cash, deposits, opening and closing balances. If enabled, our cash float feature automatically balances the closing amount so that the opening balance for next day is same as float amount.


We understand that suggestive selling is very important for your success as it could represent a significant portion of your profit margin and can deeply affect your bottom line. Wireless Manager’s POS software simplifies this process for your employees by providing the upsell feature that guides them to offer products and accessories that can be packaged with the core product such as iPhone.

Our software gives you the ability to check price of an item without switching screens and be able to see the item’s price and its profit margin before conducting a sale. Consequently, you can quote the price to customers with confidence.

Tender Types

Custom tender type allows you to choose from a variety of payment methods available to the client. Our software also can verify customer’s payment method before completing the invoice. This feature helps save time from dealing with clients that may not have the ability to pay at that very moment. It also safeguards against unethical employees who might want to defy the proper process of system usage.

There shall be no need to create an invoice or cancel for non-payment since the verification is done before generation of invoice.

Our additional features in Inventory, Accounting, HR, CRM, Report, Integration and System Core are described in details on features page or by clicking on tabs. Our tech team is working every day to add solutions that can add value to your business. In order to keep updated with features added in the future, please subscribe to our blog.

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