Repair Tickets

With the rapid growth of cell phone industry, the anticipation for cell phone repair business to grow simultaneously is high. Cellphone companies are launching expensive phones hence clients will be fixing their phones rather than replacing them. It has become an important piece of cell phone business to help grow and retain your customer base.

Assign Repair ticket and track progress

Once you accept repair from the customer, you can assign a ticket number which can be tracked anytime by you, technician or the customer. Save your valuable time and have the ability to have a consolidated report of repairs accepted, pending and completed by just a click of a button.

In-store or 3rd party technician

If you have technicians within the store or use outside technician, you can assign any repair to your technician. The system will notify the technician regarding any repair ticket being added into the system. It gives them the ability to update the status as they work on that repair.

Customer notification

Save your time and energy by inputting customer email or phone while accepting the repair and letting the software notify the customer regarding the status of the repair. Ability to check the status of repair as they fit convenient.

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