Human Resources

Employee management is as important as product management or process management. Organizations are defined by their employees because their success is ultimately your success. Wireless Manager POS system’s simple yet sophisticated features will allow you to manage a single store or multistore location with just touch of a button.

Security Profiles

You can manage employee profiles by allowing them to create username and password which will help you monitor system access at any given period. You can control user permission by giving access to specific functions based on their job title such as salesperson, manager, area manager. You can even set user location and restrict certain employees to work out of a specific location only.

Time Clock

Time Clock feature will allow you to monitor their attendance, break time and our sophisticated employee scheduler will allow you to create a monthly work schedule for your staff making sure you have ample coverage during busy hours of the day. Multi-store owners love this feature as it allows them to move employees between stores based on coverage required. You can even email every employee schedule for better management in case they are away from the office.

Goals and Contest

Occasionally we all need motivation and reason to refocus our energy to reach a certain goal and be able to monitor our achievements daily. Wireless Manager is at the forefront of this since we understand that their success ultimately means your success. So go ahead and use Goals and contest tool to motivate employees or run a contest among employees or stores if you are a multi-store user.

Having a healthy competition is always good for employees and owners and rewards them by using employee commission module that allows you to track their production based on activation, sales, and bill payment daily. It will also allow you to hold on to your star employees and focus your energy on employees that need help with sales.

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