Inventory Management

Successful inventory management involves creating a purchasing plan to ensure that items are available when they are needed — but that neither too much nor too little is purchased — and keeping track of existing inventory and its use.

Wireless Manager’s sophisticated POS software allows you to streamline this process so you can focus on your sales. Our software allows you to Create and Track products of all types – Serialized items (Phones, SIMs, etc.), Accessories and Bill Payments – for better management and inventory tracking.

Real-Time Information

We understand that accessories are a vital part of cell phone store’s profit, and sometimes tracking these can be cumbersome – Wireless Manager makes it easy! You can even print barcode labels for items that don’t come with those for easier sales & tracking. Whether you own a single location or manage multiple stores, you will have real-time information on important metrics to make better decisions.

Inventory Reconciliation module lets you scan your stock in and generate a discrepancy report. The entire process takes minimal effort, and you can manage permissions for staff so only authorized employees can adjust the stock. The system even generates an adjustment report and emails it to owner/admin in real-time for audit purposes.

Threshold Alerts

You can assign Threshold alert which will give you notifications to either add stock for any shortfall or generate an RMA, to return excess inventory to the vendor.

Several enhancements make it possible to run your organization more efficiently. For ex: Inventory Request feature allows a manager to create an internal message to another location to transfer needed stock. It enables stores to operate with greater efficiency and improve sales. All requests are audited, and real-time alerts are generated for admin. Another example is for companies that manage large quantities – the Import Inventory feature allows you directly enter data into the system using excel.

Purchase Orders

Our software has the capability to create Purchase Orders which is helpful in reconciling against the merchandise received, giving you insight on items that are on the way to a location or are back-ordered.

Device History provides you with a complete audit of any serialized item - from the day it was added– giving you a detailed snapshot of associated transactions and statuses. You can even update the status and print bar code label from this module.

In addition to streamlining your inventory capabilities, Wireless Manager provides an integrated software solution with extensive functionalities, such as Accounting, HR, CRM, Marketing, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Carrier and Payment Platform Integrations and Much More. Details on these and our Core Features are described in details on features page or by clicking on tabs. Our tech team is working continuously to add solutions that bring value to your business. To stay updated with our ongoing enhancements, subscribe to our blog.