Feeling secure while you are away from work is a matter of concern for any business or store owner.

Wireless Manager’s software is built to protect you and your customer’s data. Our software’s ability to constantly back your data assures you that all your information is saved and protected in case of a cyber-attack.

Store Access & Permissions

You also have the ability to manage the security of your store by assigning system access to employees based on their role and title. For example, a manager may have the full access to the system, and the sales team only has the option to view certain features but not make changes.

Our additional features in Inventory, Accounting, HR, CRM, Report, Integration and System Core are described in details on features page or by clicking on tabs. Our tech team is working every day to add solutions that can add value to your business. In order to keep updated with features added in the future please subscribe to our blog.