A/R Tracking

Profitability without managing expenses is an impossible task, and Wireless Manager is there for you to help manage expenses and increase profitability.

Store Expenses feature allows you to save time by setting up your recurrent store expenses like (rent, utilities, payroll ext ) for consistency and accuracy. Ordering supplies is an easy process however it can be time-consuming and expensive if not managed properly especially in the multi-store setup. Our store order request feature allows you manage this process through admin and displays the store name and information with the detail of supplies needed. You will always know who wants what and when so you never run out of supplies.


You can reconcile carrier commission by importing carrier reports to track payment of commissions by a specific carrier (Sprint, MetroPCS, Boost, AT&T or multi-carrier). Our Track account receivables feature allows you to see which commissions are due and when hence giving you a better understanding of your bottom line daily.

webPOS Reports

We also understand that mistakes can happen and we may need to adjust any commission through Manual Reconciliation by adding, deleting and adjusting it for proper account management

Daily reconciliation of input and output is necessary for any business, and so we have integrated WebPOS reconciliation which allows you to import reports regularly to reconcile payments taken on POS system.

We understand your business and its shared challenges and working consistently to streamline the process even further. Our additional features in Inventory, HR, CRM, Marketing, Report, Integration and System Core are described in details on features page or by clicking on tabs. Our tech team is working every day to add solutions that can add value to your business. In order to keep updated with features added in the future please subscribe to our blog.